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A System designed to deliver hot water 24 hours a day, without using electricity. This system is based on reliable, new and more efficient Evacuated Glass Tube (patented) technology by virtue of which the temperature of the water can be raised up to 95°C (environmental & usage dependent). This has a clear advantage over conventional Flat Plate Collectors technology. Minimal installation is required for the system. The systems have provision for a heater, which can be used in case of the consecutive non-sunny day.
The system reimburses its cost in 2-3 years, subsequently offers a bonus to the customer by saving in electricity and gas bills for the rest of its service life.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Tube : (47-1500-15)

Degree of Vacuum: ≥5×10³pa Coating: AI-N-AI
Absorption coefficient : ≥0.93 Emissivity : <0.08
Starting temperature: ≤25°C Max. Temperature : >250°C
Freezing resistance: -18°C Service Life : >15years
Wind resistance : 30m/s(grade 11) Hail proof : 25mm
Glass material: concentrated borosilicate glass 3.3 Absorber plate: Copper profile
Size of single tube (mm) 47×1550 Heating-up coefficient : >95%