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Our team performs a preliminary site survey and collect information about local conditions and issues before making any proposal. The information collected is then combined with the load patterns and the customer preferences to make a final proposal.

The amount of details our site surveyor team collects depends on the scope of the project. A detailed analysis might be required if it involves industrial and commercial entities involving a lot of equipment and appliances. In particular, We need to the following in a site assessment.

  1. A suitable location for Solar Panels.
  2. What and where are the shaded areas that might fall on proposed Solar arrays during daytime with maximum Sun, typically 9.00am to 4.00pm
  3. What type of Mounting is required for the Solar Array
  4. Where do we locate the Balance of System components? Ex: Inverter, DC Combiner box, AC Distribution Box, Batteries, if required.
  5. What are the Energy Needs of the Building? A detailed Loading Sheet is present here.
  6. How is the PV system going to be connected to the existing electrical systems.